Film:ReStored-Festival and symposium at Berlin (September 30, 2016)

Panel Discussion among (left to right) Rainer Rother, Paolo Cherchi Usai, Michael Hollmann. Photo: Alexander Zöller.

From 22 to 25 September, the Film:ReStored (digital) archive film festival took place at Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin along with an international symposium under the title “ethics of digitization”, both supported by the FIAF.
Normally well-informed sources had spread the hopeful rumor that, during his lecture on September 23, Bundesarchiv president Dr. Michael Hollmann would make a statement on the future handling of nitrate films at the Bundesarchiv. Regrettably, as it turned out, Hollmann did not publicly express his position on the matter. It was Prof. Dr. Martin Koerber instead who, being the host of the event, expressed his confidence that the Bundesarchiv will not conduct its nitrate destruction policy any longer.
Foreign guests Paolo Cherchi Usai of the George Eastman Museum in Rochester and Jon Wengström of the Swedish Film Institute both generally distanced themselves from the destruction of nitrate films without referring to the situation in Germany.

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